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We run combat robot events for the following Classes/Divisions:

  • Open UK Antweight (150 g)
  • (non-destructive) UK Antweight (150 g)
  • Open US Beetleweight (1.36 kg / 3 lbs)

All competitions operate under the MCR Combat Robot Rules and the SPARC 1.3 International Ruleset Found Below.

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Last Event:

27th November 2022
10 Centre Avenue, Port Melbourne VIC

SUNDAY, MARCH 12, 2023 AT 4 PM

- 1.36Kg Beetleweights (Destructive)
- 150g Antweights (Destructive)
- 150g Antweights (Non Destructive)

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MCR Build Night

Every 2nd Tuesday on Zoom.
Great way to meet other builders and prepare for our next event.
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